Which is the most important part of your vehicle from the safety point of view? The answer is the Brake. So when it comes to getting your car brakes serviced or repaired, it is suggested not to leave it at a chance.
At Auto Assurance, for brakes, we cover:
• Front and Rear Relining
• Disc and Drum Machining
• Disc Grinding
• New brakes
• Caliper servicing and overhaul
• Wheel cylinder replacement and service
• Hydraulic Service
• Disc Rotors
It is always advisable to assess your vehicle clutch periodically to ensure that it doesn’t cost big bucks in the long run. Auto Assurance, with its more than 30 years of experience in the industry, is a specialist in clutch and brake repairs. We repair all type of clutch problems. Whether your clutch is too hard or too loose, whether it is leaking fluid, or any other issue, we can fix it.
We also replace the clutch and brake parts if needed or the whole assembly itself.

We are based in Dandenong, but also offer reliable car service and repairs for residents of Hallam, Hampton Park, Narre Warren, Keysborough and the surrounding areas.

Call us today with your clutch and brake repairing needs and we are sure to help you out on that front.

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